Monday, December 15, 2014

Handmade 15mm Scout.

A number of years ago using 1/8" plywood, some index card, wood glue, clear tape and some paint I made my very own Scout Courier.
The Scout Courier as it is today.  The figures are from an old Citadel line.
I wanted it to be as close as possible to the floor plans seen in Traders and Gunboats.  So many measurements were made.  At the time I had no experience in making scratch built models so my attempts at exterior detail are somewhat lacking.
Rear view showing the three exterior hatches and two engine ports.
I also made the three interior decks out of plywood and index card for the walls.
Cargo hold.
As you can see the walls are in need of a major update.
The figures show just how cramped life aboard this ship would be.
And now the gallery top deck.
I guess the access to the turret would be right in front of the aft hatch.  Of course the decks do not fit inside the closed ship, too tall.   Argh!
I hope to replace the interior walls with something better looking, just not sure what.  It needs to be thin and strong.  

At some point I will be attempting a Far Trader also with interior detail.