Thursday, February 23, 2017

Giant power suits and a drop ship.

Here are my next few paint projects.  First are four powered armor suits from Battlestations.  They are one piece figures with almost no flash.  I will have to do a little filing on the bases to make them level.  I plan on using these as hostile environment suits in my Traveller mini games.  
Front view.  The second from the left is in powered down position.  

Side view.  

And the rear view.
I also have a drop ship to add to my arsenal.  This is from Clearhorizon Miniatures and is called the Hades Banshee VTOL.  When it arrived I had to decide either closed and flying or doors open and landing gear deployed.  As you can see I choose the landed option.  There was a bit of flash and a degree of filing to deal with.  
Gear down, door open for quick deployment.

Rear ramp down.

Side view with both side doors open.
I hop to have these painted in the near future.  Since my other drop ships are green I was thinking pink, just kidding, no really, just kidding.  A dark blue with some light blue highlighting.  Not really sure just yet.  .