Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First project for the year.

 Ion Age Habitation Base.  Now that the weather has finally begun to warm up I can once again use spray primer in the great outdoors.  A few months ago The Ion Age had a sale featuring their Habitation Dome Riser System and I decided to get their Habitation base.
View showing the base in one possible configuration

Same configuration different angle.

An overhead view.  The squares on the table are 1 inch for scale.

One final view.
My first step will be to prime all the pieces flat black.  Right now they are various shades of grey.
The main habitation dome showing the exterior door.

Two sides of the other domes.

The 90 degree corridor sections.

The three way corridors showing the flat areas where they would connect to other sections.

Double length connectors.

Single length connctors.

Upper domes

Left is the bottom of an upper dome to lower dome plate.  Right is landing pad with a space for mounting a missile pod.

End connectors with missile pods.

Another dome to dome connector with a power spire and a com spire.
As this project gets painted I will post more pictures.  I'm not sure if it will have a utilitarian paint scheme or some other.  Feel free to post your thoughts as to a viable paint scheme.