Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Apartment for rent - Must be Bwap.

Well here is the first building painted and with an asphalt roof.  I used textured alabaster paint on the sides and painters tape to simulate the windows and doors.  On the roof I used a flat black primer the glued model railroad coal and iron for the cover.
A view from the front.  Figures are 15mm old Citadel shown for scale.

Roof detail.

Back of the building.  The divit is from the wind blowing some newspaper
onto the paint right after spraying.

And now the last side of the building.
I will be using this building as an apartment building for the well to do.  I have two more buildings to go and of course this was the simplest.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Carnivores unite!

 The first picture is of the Bwap office workers.  I believe that the miniatures are from Laserburn and originally called "Froogs".  I use them as Bwaps due to their amphibian heads.  
Bwaps ready for action.

In the picture are 6 regular squads of 9 figures, one of which is armed with a heavy weapon.  The central stand with 3 figures is the command squad.  Also we have 2 groups of grav bikes just for fun.  In the background are three buildings waiting to be painted.  Left to right are the communications building, a large office complex and an apartment building.

The next picture is of the Vargr mercenaries hired by the Bwaps.  These are old Martian Metal figures.  Also in the picture is a 6 legged tank I know not its origin but for now it's a Bwap tank.  As you can see even the bureaucratic Bwap casn bring some big guns to a fight.
4 squads of Vargr ready to fight.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Everyone say G'nack.

I have finished with the Insane K'kree.  After much deliberation I decided on a utility color scheme instead of camouflage, since the K'kree are all about bombing from a safe distance.  So I figure camouflage would be an alien concept to them.  That's my logic and I'm sticking with it.
The profile shot.

Tot the left.

Now run free!
Here as promised the whole 100 ready to make vegans of us all.  By the way I will be using all these fine young K'kree at two upcoming conventions, the first will be NOWScon (Northern Ohio Wargaming Society) in Sheffield Lake, OH in September and the second will be Travellercon/USA 2014 in Lancaster, PA. in October..

Next post will display their foes.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The regulars are done!

Well here are the last of the regular K'kree.  This is the command group of the force.  When I get the final 10 painted I will have the entire force pictured together.  I still have not decided the paint scheme for the insane K'kree in their battlesuits.  Not sure if I want to go camouflaged or some utility color.  I am open to suggestions.
Nice profile shot, not a mug shot.

Not a good view for us meat lovers.

Our command group off to boss somebody around.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Three quarter (horse) done.

Here is the third and last group of 25 to be painted.  The next group will be the command group of 15.  I'm not sure if the word squad would be correct for the K'kree.  I will be working on the next group this week.  I still haven't decided on the paint scheme for the 10 insane warriors in battle dress just yet.
Profile shot.  Sorry about the glare.

Once again running toward you.

And now running away.