Friday, July 22, 2016

What an Aslan needs for a real estate deal.

I can't believe it's been months since my last post.  Sorry for the delay.

What every Aslan needs is of course a strike force to assist the squatters in relocating.

    My friend Keith recommended the Ravenstar Mercury tanks as having an Aslan look, and I agreed.  So I purchased four tanks along with four troop transports and one command car.  I wanted them to have a similar look and of course camouflage.  So I went looking on YouTube for other peoples examples and tutorials.  I found a guy who used Silly Putty to help in painting some Sherman tanks.    
Step one.
I started with Desert Yellow primer.  Making all the vehicles look a bit bland.
Primed with Desert Yellow.
 Step Two.
I then took small amounts of Silly Putty and rolled it into small logs shapes.  The gently pressed it onto the vehicles in a set of curved designs.
Front view of the transports and command car.

Side view.
 Step three.
I sprayed Leather Brown paint onto the models and waited for the paint to dry.  Of course the vehicles looked like they had been attacked by poop flinging monkeys.
One of the tank chassis waiting to dry.  

The strike force ready for action.
 Step five.
I then peeled off the Silly Putty revealing the patterns you see here.
Step six.
I used a Sepia wash to bring out the detail, then sprayed a clear coat lacquer  to help protect the models.
The force again with the flash.

The command car.

Troop transports.

The mighty tanks.

One of the tanks with an alternate turret, maybe a Meson gun???
All in all I like the look of the models and I think they will see action soon.  Now I just need to get the troops painted up. Using the Silly Putty took a little patience it didn't stick at first, just a little pressure to make it stick.  The Silly Putty is reusable and didn't harm the paint or leave any residue.