Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fine Young Aslan.

What is an attack force without ground troops to support it.  Just a bunch of fancy vehicles of course.  These Aslan are Leonid Warriors from RAFM's 15mm scifi line.  I painted up four combat squads, 1 command squad and 1 two member fire team.
For units I usually put six figures on individual bases.  The two figure base is a fire team with a hopefully devastating weapon.  Most of the figures are carrying weapons attached to a power pack on their backs.

This is a front view of the command squad.  With a lieutenant and two NCO's.

A view of the back of the command squad.

This would be the other two squads in the Aslan force.  All of these figures have backpacks instead of power packs.
These Aslan have been used at two different conventions, the first was NOWScon in the Cleveland area and the second was at TravellerconUSA in Lancaster.  In both battles the Aslan were on the receiving end of the short stick.  I did not bring my camera to either event so I have no pictures to show.  The figures had little to no flash to clan and were quite easy to paint once I figured out the paint scheme.  


  1. Very nice work, I have 11 squads of the same to do up yet, thanks for the inspiration !

  2. Thanks you. I hope yours turn out well and see action soon.