Friday, July 24, 2015

Project done.

I apologize for taking so long to complete this.  But as Jeff Goldblum once said "Life finds a way".  Enough excuses, here is the base done in all it's glory.  I painted it as a corporation might have.  I didn't want a military  paint scheme with one main color and a few shades of the same.
Landing Pad with missile launcher

Another view of the landing pad.

Right to left, communication spire and power plant.

90 degree corridors.

End caps with missile pods.

Single length strait corridors.

Double length strait corridors.

Y or three way corridors.

Upper level hab domes.

Hab domes.

Block house, front view.

Block house, rear view.

One view of the hab base with some visitors.

An overhead view.

Another view.

And now from the other side.

A lower view.

The other side.
    My thoughts on working with this kit.  For the most part a well cast set, not much to clean.  On the power plant there was a spot where two cables blended into one making it difficult to paint it as two cables.  On the missile pods some work with filing to get them to fit into the bases.  I had to drill out the two holes where the antennas had to be inserted.  The biggest problem I had was deciding how to paint it.  

    All in all I like the look of the set, it definitely looks like it belongs in a scifi setting.  The docking connector fits snugly onto the tops of both the lower hab domes and the block house.  I glued the docking connector onto the bottom the both upper hab domes to keep the upper had domes from slipping off when used.  

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  1. Looks even better in real life! I should know, 'cuz I saw it at Travellercon. : )