Friday, December 18, 2015

Laying of the keel.

I know starships don't really have or require a keel but these are "ships" so why not.  Years ago, actually decades now, I purchased the little book Traders and  Gunboats.  I really liked the Far Trader so I took some graph paper and made a scale floor plan for use in many Traveller adventures.  
From GDW.
A Far Trader deckplan.
Drawn back in the early 80's with pencil then drawn over again with pen.
I always wanted a Far Trader n 3d.  So I have officially begun the process of making one to 15mm scale.  First I copied my old deckplan, then I glued it to a sheet of 1/8" plywood.  This will give me a guide to cutting out the decks and someplace to attach the outer hull to.  
My copy of the deck plans glued to the plywood.
The materials that will be used in construction are s follows:
1 sheet of 1/8" plywood
1 sheet of paper covered foamboard
an undetermined number of 1" x 24" wood strips for interior walls
Wood parts.
The sheet of foamboard.
 The ship has not been named as of yet, no I am not looking for names.  I hope to have it ready by summer.  I am out of my knowledge and comfort zone with certain aspects of this build.  I have never attempted to bend foamboard and not have it crease.  

I am working on other projects such as a 10mm Hittite army and my Cygnar forces for Warmachine.   It may be a little time before I have more on this ship build.

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  1. Bill, try MDF board, which I think will heat with a hair dryer and bend with gentle pressure. I tinkered with MDF for my 28mm space station, and it shows some promise.