Monday, August 14, 2017

I love the smell of new armor.

I have looked for years for a grav tank, any grav tank that comes close to the Intrepid from the cover of Fire, Fusion and Steel.  Old Crow had something close but all the edges were very sharp no curves.  And then I found Khurasan Minatures Advanced Super Heavy Grav Tank and while not the same shape it at least had the right look.  So I got a few and here they are.

Here is a nice view from the front.  I primed them black then used a burnt sienna to try and match the book cover.  I then used charcoal black on the lower part of the tank with a black wash for contrast.  On the upper portion I used a brown wash.

And now a rear view.

A close up side view.  The Imperial sunburst is from Ad Astra games.  At one time they made/sold them as waterslide transfers.

Not a view your enemy will be happy with.

And now the other side.

Now if I could just find a really small bumper sticker with a Zhodani insult.

And the book that inspired the paint scheme.

The models being resin feel very solid in your hand.  There was a minimal amount that needed to be filed off.  I will be using these at the upcoming NOWS con in September and perhaps at TravellerCon/USA also in September.