Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Deep Strike at Travellercon/USA 2017.

At this years Travellercon/USA I had the pleasure of running a GURPS Traveller Starships game.  Three Imperial patrol cruisers were pitted against three Vargr corsairs.  I trimmed the rules down a bit to make for faster gameplay. 
Early on in the fight.  The patrol cruisers close on the space station in order to retrieve an excape pod.

The ships are fully involved in the fight.  The blue and orange counters were used to mark future positions for our combatants.  

Two patrol cruisers maneuver to the right side of the space station while the third draws fire from several corsairs.

A escape pod leaves the station on a truly random course.  

Despite many hits the solo patrol cruiser hold its own.

The blue patrol cruiser swoops in to pick up the randomly moving escape pod then jumps out system.

The space station explodes due to some horrible accident.  I'm sure that is how the report will read.
I had six ships in the fight with six players.  The total fight took about two hours.  I plan on running another game at the next Travellercon/USA but with more and diverse ships.

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